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We are

Hoops For Golf

Distroyer of Dreams.

Creator of Unfulfilled Promises.

1 Corinthians 1:27


Our Game

We've played this game for over 2 decades. We've won. We've lost. We've laughed. We've been mad as fire and vowed to never do this crap again.
Now is a new era in Hoops for Golf. Once just a simple idea between 5 friends; now, a sports icon of many...

The rules are simple:
make your picks.
take your chances.
winner gets a free game of golf paid for by the others.
relish the joke

Our Skills

Complaining About The Winner

Picking Games

Complaining About The Seedings

Paying The Winner

Tournaments Challenged
Past Participants
Golf Games Given Away

My Price

  • Basic Lies
  • Lies
  • Unlimted Gloom
  • 2.7GB of Bull-Crap
  • Low Morals
  • $Free

    per month
  • Pro Lies
  • Statistics
  • Indiffernt Unfulfillment
  • 50GB of Bull-Crap
  • Zealful Disregard of Any Morals
  • $More Free

    per month

Our Reputation


Jason S. CEO of Bracetology.

Hoops For Golf saved us from a life disaster.


Scott S. King of Pain

One of you better Pay up!

Our Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is in YOUR hands. Anything you put on here is capable of being compomised. I have basic security, but a well-trained Russian/Ukranian haker can probably crack it with enough pizza and vodka.

I do not sell or use your info for anything except awards -- and even then, if you think you're getting your prize, you've come to wrong place!

...Do NOT use your favourte "NASA launch-code password."
...Do NOT use Your last name.
...Do NOT be surprised if you get a ton of junk-mail if you use your personal e-mail account. (not from me, but Ukrainian hakers)
...Do NOT expect anything, but ridicle.

I do not knowingly use cookies!
All my data manipuation is done "server-side" (that's my server/database), not "client-side" (that's your browser)!

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Phone: none

Email: mail@mail.com

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